Transformers & Power Supplies

Power Supply
These low voltage transformers are perfect for use with Integral Lighting fixtures.

To calculate the size required for your installation...
Multiply the quantity of fixtures X wattge of each = power required

Incandescent Example
12 pc IL6.250 Xenon (10 watt each) = 120 watts minimum required

LED Example
12 pc IL6.250.500 LED (2.4 watt each) = 30 watts minimum required

Low Voltage / 12 volt Transformers do not output a standard 12 volts...they output a fraction (typically 10 percent) of your power input. To maximize the life of either your bulb or LED, be sure to check the output power with a digital voltmeter.


  • 60 watt output & 150 watt output available
  • Resin housing
  • Interval Timer (2,4,6 8 hours)
  • Photocell
  • Epoxy encapsulated
  • 120 volt input
  • Low voltage output
  • Thermal breaker
  • Imported