Mulch & Soil

  • Wood Chips

    Wood Chips

    The wood chips are clean and natural colored and derived from a variety of trees.

  • Triple Shredded Root Mulch

    Triple Shredded Root Mulch

    Our Premium Root mulch is finely ground all natural roots and stumps. The color is dark brown and will fade…

  • Screened Topsoil

    Screened Topsoil

    Screened Topsoil is a non-amended sandy loam topsoil free of roots, clods, and stones larger than 1/2” with 99% passing…

  • Playground Mulch

    Playground Mulch

    Playground Mulch is the original and most popular choice for playground surfacing, mainly because of it's lower cost than other…

  • Mason Sand

    Mason Sand

    Mason sand is a fine-grained, cost-effective alternative to beach sand, which can be used on volleyball courts or in cement…

  • Hardwood Mulch

    Hardwood Mulch

    This Hardwood Bark Mulch is double milled from a mixture of hardwood barks. Its consistent sizing allows for an even…

  • Gravel


    Gravel is best used for road base and compactable areas for improvement.

  • Fill Dirt

    Fill Dirt

    Fill Dirt is most commonly used to fill in a hole or uneven area of your property or construction site.…

  • Colored Triple Shredded Mulch

    Colored Triple Shredded Mulch

    Dyed, or colorized, mulch has become more and more popular with homeowners and landscapers over the last few years because…