SRW Adhesive
SRW Adhesive has proven its performance in countless hardscape projects throughout the United States and Canada. Contractors love it and ask for it by name. Our Adhesive formula has been a foundational piece on which we’ve built our business. We proudly offer this cornerstone product to you, knowing that the strength and reliability has been time tested and proven.


  • Ideal for wet or frozen surfaces
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Solvent-based product to allow a moisture-proof bond
  • Extrudes down to 10ºF
  • Regular and VOC compliant
  • Available in 10 oz. and 28 oz.


Approximate Length of Bead According to Container Size & Bead Diameter
Bead Size10 oz. SRW Adhesive28 oz. SRW Adhesive
1/4" Bead 32 ft. 89 ft.
3/8" Bead 14 ft. 35 ft.